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How to set up and style your audio guestbook

An audio guestbook adds a unique touch to your wedding, birthday, graduation or even a loved one's funeral. Here are some ideas to help you create a beautiful and functional setup:

Start by choosing the perfect spot: Place the table in a high-traffic area like the entrance. Ensure it's easily accessible and visible but not in the way. Avoid placing it by loud music, like a DJ or in a windy area, as this may cause issues with the audio.

Select a table that stands out: Many people select a table from their venue with a tablecloth. This may work fine if your decor stands out. We always suggest enhancing the look by picking a table that matches your theme. Whether vintage, rustic, or modern, a table that complements your decor will add beauty and sophistication to your setup. At Audio Guestbook Vancouver, we offer stylish tables to rent as an add-on for a reasonable cost so you can make the most out of your setup.

Consider something different: If you want your guestbook experience to stand out versus just a phone on a table, look for a company offering unique stands or enclosures. Some companies even offer full UK-style phone booths. Audio Guestbook Vancouver provides several options, including a phone booth, one of our most popular rentals.

Decorate Thoughtfully: Adorn the table with flowers, candles, light-up signs, framed photos, fairy lights, or lanterns that align with your wedding's aesthetic. A pro tip would be to use leftover flowers from your ceremony to add to your audio guestbook table with no extra expense. At Audio Guestbook Vancouver, we offer many of these accessories as a free add-on with your rental, so you don't have to worry about making signs, etc.

Highlight the Audio Guestbook: Position the audio guestbook prominently. Ensure it's the focal point of the table by placing it on a decorative stand or an elevated surface. Make sure the table is not too busy or overcrowded with other decorations. Less is more.

Provide Clear Instructions: Include a sign with simple instructions on how to use the audio guestbook. Make it clear and concise so guests feel comfortable leaving their messages. Most companies will include this with your rental.

Encourage Participation: Have the DJ or emcee remind guests to leave a message. Consider hiring a host near the table to guide guests and ensure everyone participates.

Following these tips, you can create an attractive and inviting audio guestbook table that encourages guests to leave heartfelt messages, creating lasting memories of your special day.

For more inspiration, visit Audio Guestbook Vancouver.

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